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  • Partner Blends, Ingredients & Sustainability

    Partner Blends, Ingredients & Sustainability

    Information on Ingredients and Sustainability Concept

  • Brand & Collaborations

    Brand & Collaborations

    About the Brand, Partnerships & Contact

  • Orders, Deliveries, Cancellation & Subscription

    Orders, Deliveries, Cancellation & Subscription

    Shipping Time, Order Changes, Monthly Deliveries & Shipment Tracking

  • Account, Website & Vejo App

    Account, Website & Vejo App

    Vejo Firmware-Update, Newsletter & Privacy

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    Returns & Refunds

    Conditions and Terms

  • Your Vejo: First Steps and Problem-solving

    Your Vejo: First Steps and Problem-solving

    Charging, Using & Cleaning the Blender

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  • What are the shipping costs?

    The shipping costs vary depending on the country and are waived for most countries above a certain order value. Due t...

  • Can I mix fruit or ice cubes with the Vejo?

    The Vejo is designed for powder mixing and can therefore only be used with the blends. Adding fruit or ice cubes coul...

  • My Vejo doesn't function anymore, what can I do?

    If your Vejo doesn't want to do what you do, we have a checklist for you. Consider the following points before you re...

  • How can I check the Vejo's battery status?

    Press the small black pin on the inside of the lid. This will activate the LED lamp on the outside of the lid. If the...