My Vejo doesn't function anymore, what can I do?

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If your Vejo doesn't want to do what you do, we have a checklist for you. Consider the following points before you replace your Vejo.

First of all: Did you clean your Vejo properly?
Neither the lid nor the lower part of your Vejo is dishwasher safe. You can clean the lower part with hot water, some soap and a cloth or brush. Do not hold the lid under water or place it in a water bath. Just rub it with a damp tissue and dry it afterwards. The electronics in the lid are very sensitive, but we are working hard on a better solution.

1. Does your Vejo have enough power?
First check whether the battery is fully charged. To do this, briefly press the black button on the inside of the cover. If the button on the lid then lights up green, your Vejo is fully charged. If it flashes orange or red, place the lid on the charging station. For full performance, the battery should be charged for about 4 hours.

2. Is the lid wet?
Below the screw cap on the lid there are three golden sensors. These should be dry so that your Vejo can make a connection between the lid and the lower part when you close it.

3. Does your Vejo's LED light up when you close it?
If your Vejo has just been freshly charged or prepared a blend, the lid may still flash. Before you prepare a new blend, you should wait until the lid stops lighting up. Remove it completely from the lower part and do not close it again until the light has turned off.

4. Your Vejo lights up even though it does not mix:
Is your Vejo properly closed (see 3), starts to blink, but doesn't mix? Then remove the lid completely from the lower part again. Wait until it stops flashing and close it again.

You have worked through the entire checklist and your Vejo still does not work? Write us a mail, we will help you as soon as possible: Contact form

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