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Our Vejo is reusable, handy and easy to use - perfect for an active and mobile lifestyle. We want to offer a more sustainable reusable alternative to disposable plastic bottles.

With the biodegradable and BPA-free pods from Bertsch Industries we have found a way to use packaging that is as environmentally friendly as possible. However, we have definitely not reached our goal yet. A new type of pod that is even more environmentally friendly is currently being developed.

Vejo and the blend partners are also committed to reducing food waste. On their way to the supermarket shelves, food worth 400 billion dollars is disposed of every year because it is "not perfect" or already spoiled.

The organically grown fruit and vegetables for the blends are selected purely for quality and taste. Shape, size and appearance play no role. At the same time, the freeze-drying process ensures a better shelf life, while the nutrients are almost completely preserved.

All information about the Green Commitment can be found here on our Sustainability page.

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